Nefasto's (Mis)Adventure - Meeting Noeroze

Follow the bizarre misadventures of Nefasto, a sarcastic Game Data too genre savy for his own good. He was - once and for a short time - the main character of an awful broken game titled 'Kick The Can'. When this game crashed at the end of the last riddle, it failed to properly dump Nefasto from the RAM. It has opened a window into the virtual world of your computer. Now the story begins when the Game Data lands into your system, discovering its weird inhabitants and eventually meeting Noeroze.

You need to find a way to get ride of Nefasto through any way possible. Because his unwanted presence is compromising the stability within the System, it will soon cause the crash of your Computer.


  • An adventure in a huge and varied colourful world
  • More than 40 characters and 8 worlds to discover
  • Puzzles involving the Binary Powers of the many Bytes you'll meet
  • Lot of action using inventory items and jumping mechanics, all with your sole mouse

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